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Tamil Nadu Law Notes Journal established in the year 1972 by Mr. S.V. Jayaraman, Sr. Advocate (as Editor & Publisher) to report important judgments of Madras High Court and Supreme Court of India with simple short head notes.

R.R. Brothers (S. Raghavan & Raghavan) took charge of printing, dispatching, and all other administrative work of the Journal in the year 2002 and later becomes publishers of the Journal. Several changes have been made in designing, size, latest printing methods etc from year 2002. Now-a-days full judgments as per our subscriber's request also more important judgments of Hon'ble Judges of Supreme Court of India, Madras High Court and Madurai Bench of Madres High Court with simple easily understandable head notes are being published in the journal. Even new comers to the law field can easily understand the Judgments.

Editor: M.Arvind Subramaniam

Editorial Advisory Committee Members:
Mr. S.R. Rajagopal,
Addl. Advocate General & Mr. A.S. Vijayaragavan, Advocate:

Mr. K.S. Ramakrishnan, Advocate Mr. K. Rajasekaran, Advocate
Mr. T. Dhanasekaran, AdvocateMr. R. Agilesh, Advocate
Mr. M.V. Seshachari, AdvocateMr. B. Vijaya Kumar
Ms. R. Divya Priya, Advocate


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